I documented a project in a soon-to-be renovated mill in Burnley, working with in-situSuper Slow Way and acclaimed US artist Suzanne Lacy.

"The project draws on vocal traditions including Shape Note and Sufi chanting. Both are centuries-old forms of spiritual expression that have spread across the world, drawing distant and diverse cultures together. Shape Note has strong roots in Lancashire and is now particularly strong in the USA, while the Sufi tradition of dhikr originated in the Middle East and is commonly practiced by many residents in Pendle. These traditions go back centuries with the purpose of bringing people together, often in domestic settings outside traditional religious establishments, in order to pronounce and celebrate their common spirituality. 

The result will be the creation of a new artwork, produced over three days at the mill between 29th September and 1st October. Suzanne and her collaborators will produce a film, featuring local residents, interviews with former mill workers and their families and a series of performances of Shape Note and Sufi chanting. The film will be exhibited in 2017."

I cannot wait to see the result of this beautiful combination of religion, community, music and art - I was honoured to be a part of it.


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