3 Minute Wonders

I posted this at the beginning of March, when Prince was being a cheeky wee trickster and a bunch of kids were blowing the roof off Academy 2…

While the Purple Pixie was generating mild hysteria and generally yanking Manchester’s chain for a week, there were actually other gigs going on in Manchester. On the Saturday, Prince was playing Academy 1, but I was in Academy 2 that night, snapping The Strypes, supported by The Turning. There’s nothing groundbreaking about the music they play, but they do it well, with bags of attitude, and it’s clear that these Irish lads have all listened to the right records. Breakneck blues with harmonies, power and verve. Blistering.
Following The Turning’s support set, The Strypes were on at 9pm sharp. A small pit was crammed full of around 8 photographers – and we had to work fast. I looked at my watch as I walked towards my car after the first three songs.

It was 9.13pm.

I’d managed to photograph their first 3 songs and put all my kit away within approximately 11 minutes.

Prince has had longer guitar solos…

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