Chaos to Order - Everything Everything take over Central Library

I didn’t know what to expect for the finale of Everything Everything’s residency at Central Library. Described on Wikipedia as an art rock band (whatever that means - they use long words? They use time signatures other than 4/4? Their instruments are covered in oil paints?), I was intrigued. They released the best and most underrated album of last year, and I don’t know if I could bear the disappointment of a damp squib. As it turned out, it was a perfect combination of the unexpected, the accomplished and the sublime. As the gathered audience was shepherded into the newly revealed library foyer, it was clear something special was on the cards.
The Melodica Ensemble choir assembled at the top of the stairs and we were treated to a magical performance - music which sounded both ancient and absolutely appropriate for the setting. In the audience, I saw two guys look, disbelieving, at each other. They obviously weren’t expecting this, a performance of close harmony from several hundred years ago. They were smiling, uncomfortably - not sure what they’d let themselves in for. Not their bag, obviously. Come the end of the short set, they were clapping their hands above their heads.
We were ushered up to the reading room, where Jesca Hoop simply bewitched us. What a voice. And you could hear a pin drop. Everything Everything started their set almost as soon as Jesca Hoop had finished, playing a selection of new tunes which were inspired by the whole thing. A progression from 2013’s “Arc” but not, we are assured, from their upcoming album. The new ones were intricate, bold and uplifting - and I’d be sorry not to hear them again - maybe an EP is on the cards, boys? The appearance of ”Cough Cough” and ”Kemosabe” kept new recruits happy, but weren’t really necessary. Job done. A proper celebration.

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