Getting crafty…

I recently spent a few days photographing some of the makers’ work at Manchester Craft & Design Centre. The sheer range of incredible creations was inspiring, and it was quite daunting, knowing I really did have to do justice to the time, precision and expertise which had been spent on each piece.The jewellery, in particular, kept me on my toes. Shooting polished jewellery is quite a task because of the reflections (and the variations in colour affected by even the smallest movement), and hanging earrings was a lesson in invention - and patience! Eventually I found the best method was suspending some fishing twine between two water bottles and hooking the rings on. Editing out the fishing twine wasn’t the most fun job in the world, but worth it in the end. Almost all the makers are actually creating the work onsite - go on, pop in, have a chat. Buy some of their stuff.


Lee Page Hanson - ceramics

Laura Richardson - painting

Tracey Birchwood - jewellery

Ella McIntosh - pewter

Anne Rowson - jewellery

Clare Hillerby - jewellery

Jill Griffiths - mosaic

Charlotte Verity - jewellery

Jessica Livsey - greetings cards/textiles

Colette Hazelwood - jewellery

And here are a few of the makers at work…

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