Great Manchester Cycle

Alarm went off at 6am and by 7am I’d already cycled 6 miles. So started a day of photographing at the Great Manchester Cycle. A few celeb PR shots, alongside some other sponsor-based shots, but mainly it was about capturing the spirit of the day. Young and old, fit and, well, not quite so fit - all were welcome and took advantage of (apart from a mid-morning downpour) some pretty decent weather to reclaim the streets across Manchester. I was on my bike for most of it (I probably covered around 18 miles in total), but that was nothing compared to the hardy souls who completed the monster 52 miler which started the day off. Four laps of the 13 mile course. I’m some way off being prepared for THAT level of fitness or stamina. Following the 26 mile midday cycle, the families set off on the 13 mile lap around mid-afternoon, with the “ordinary” (or Penny Farthing) bikes leading the way. Some sight.
All in all, a quite inspiring day.

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