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  1. MIF17 - Dinner Party At The End Of The World: Gallery

    09 Sep 2017

    I didn’t actually taste any of the food at Mary-Ellen’s thought-provoking event for MIF2017, so I’ll let someone else tell you all about it. Suffice to say, the lighting was dark, atmospheric and, in places, absolutely beautiful. The starting table setting in particular was a joy to photograph. And check…

  2. 2015 Events

    18 Nov 2015

    As the end of 2015 approaches, I’ve decided to set aside a few hours to update the website - radical, I know. I’m currently sifting through a whole load of images from all the events and PR shoots from a busy year, so I thought I’d get a few of…

  3. Wedding season

    31 Aug 2015

    Couple of lovely weddings in the past month - one at Sefton Palm House outside Liverpool, and the other at the stunning Midland Hotel in Morecambe. Thanks to Vicky & Carl, and Laura & Joe. Looking forward to some more weddings in 2016!

  4. Summer event galleries

    31 Aug 2015

    Well, there has been no shortage of amazing events in the North West over the summer. Just updating my website, I realised that some might work better in an extended gallery format, so I’ve pulled together a few of the events I’ve had the pleasure of photographing over the past…

  5. Smorgasbord

    16 Mar 2015

    Here’s a platter of shots from the past year or so, of delicious food, beautiful produce and some of the best chefs in the North West. Aiden Byrne Mary-Ellen McTague Glen Duckett

  6. Getting crafty…

    29 Jan 2015

    I recently spent a few days photographing some of the makers’ work at Manchester Craft & Design Centre. The sheer range of incredible creations was inspiring, and it was quite daunting, knowing I really did have to do justice to the time, precision and expertise which had been spent on…

  7. Come Home: James at Castlefield Bowl

    18 Jul 2014

    First time I saw James live was at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in 1992. They played an acoustic gig just before “Laid” was released. I’ve seen them perform live a few times since then (last time was at the Bridgewater Hall in 2011 - the version of ”The Lake” from…

  8. Great Manchester Cycle

    01 Jul 2014

    Alarm went off at 6am and by 7am I’d already cycled 6 miles. So started a day of photographing at the Great Manchester Cycle. A few celeb PR shots, alongside some other sponsor-based shots, but mainly it was about capturing the spirit of the day. Young and old, fit and…

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