Chuffing brilliant

I spent an afternoon on the legendary Flying Scotsman, taking photographs for a piece in Northern Soul. Loved it. Cold though - and long. Seems these older trains take a while to turn round, and to fill up with water. The journey from Bury to Rawtenstall and back (just over twenty miles) took best part of three and a half hours. Ooft! But it was totally worth it. One thing I wasn’t expecting - The Flying Scotsman makes a sound like a T-Rex in Jurassic Park

By the way, all of the images seen here are available as prints - just visit the Contact page and get in touch!

The Flying Scotsman roars into Bolton Street Station, Bury

Under starter’s orders…


First of two edits - one with the microlight in the sky. Too distracting, I thought.

And one without the aircraft - doesn’t take your eye away from the main subject of the image - namely the guy’s head sticking out of the window…

Stand FC. Football stand. Bloke standing in a field. Standing water.

Coal dust up the nose from taking this one.

And in the ears…

Nearly half way.

Photography scrum at Rawtenstall.

Had no idea there was so much fire coming out of the engine.

End of a long day.

One from the phone - as we arrive back in Bury Station…

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